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The source of Quality Professionalism in East Central Indiana

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[Updated February 22, 2014]

This page keeps ASQ Section 0904 Members up-to-date on quality related happenings.  
Members are encouraged to submit news that would be of interest to the East Central Indiana Quality community to  Other sources of information are Section and Region 9 Newsletters, and local newspapers. 

ASQ Section 0904  News:

Chair Chat -  by Rich Ruh - January 2014


As I write this, East Central Indiana is bracing for a major snowstorm followed by bitter cold. It seems that Indiana businesses have been going through a similar onslaught of economic and market challenges recently. Even those doing well continue to tighten budgets and question assumptions and plans. And just when one challenge passes another appears. "Change" appears to be the new constant.

ASQ 0904 is going through its own set of changes and challenges. Many are procedural and are driven by change at the national ASQ level. But, others reflect the overall business situation. We as a professional group need to reflect upon the impact of technology and changing member needs on what we should be doing and how we might need to change to better serve our members. Thanks to the hard work of the Leadership Committee, the spring program schedule is filled with what we believe are timely programs and capable speakers. But, we will also be discussing the future of our chapter, what works, and what needs improvement. If we are to continue our role in supporting quality education and member service, we need and anticipate your input and help.

I see encouraging signs for 2014. The job market may be turning the corner, as evidenced by the uptick in job postings for quality and manufacturing professionals. Hopefully, this improvement will continue. We will continue to make our members aware of opportunities as they become available and provide through our meetings a chance to share your own ideas and needs. I look forward to seeing you at our meetings and wish you a happy and prosperous new year!

Best regards,
Rich Ruh

ASQ Section 0904 Chair 2014

KacyJ's Restaurant Closes 
           - ASQ904 Searches for a new meeting location

ASQ Section 094 has been meeting at KacyJ's Restaurant at the Muncie Airport since May 2013.  We enjoyed the food and unique atmosphere.  Unfortunately they decided to close as of January 31, 2014.  

The Section Leadership Team will be looking for options.  Membership input is solicited.  


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People in the News:
[Please send us news of promotions, recognitions, and other neat stuff about people in ECI]

WELCOME New Members:

January 2014
Nadarajah Ravindrakumar - Morrisville NC

November 2013
Denis Barry - Verallia
Jessie Kasberger - ASQ HQ

August 2013
Andy Boger - Primes Plastics
Ryan Neal - Student
Danett Revalee - Taconic Farms
Willian Siler - Henny Penny

June 2013
Greg Ramey - Hartford City

May 2013
Nichelle Bowdell - Student

April 2013
Thomas Gerber - Grede Holdings
Randall Roof - Roberts Pipeline
Emily Paris - Connersville, IN

February 2013
Bud Newton - ASQ Region 9 Director

December 2012
Godfrey Sergeant - Grede LLC 


Pass List for ASQ Certification Exam

Link to Pass List on ASQ Web Site (Login required) 

October 1,  2011
     Barry Mosier - CQI
     Pat Mummert - CQI

October 18, 2008
    James W. Cree - CSSBB

December 1, 2007
    Rich Ruh - CQE

October 20, 2007
    James E. Miller - CSSBB

American Society for Quality 0904 Section Earns Top Honors

QMP Sliver Excellence Level for 2007-2008
email from Leta Thrasher dated January 8, 2009

Congratulations! Your Section has achieved QMP Silver Excellence Level for the year 07-08. This is a great performance achievement for your Section and it reflects favorably on your Member Leaders and Regional Director. Your accomplishment of meeting or exceeding the Societys objectives in member satisfaction, loyalty and retention helps to make your Section, your community and ASQ stronger. I look forward to shaking the hand of your representative and Regional Director at the 2009 ASQ World Conference in Minneapolis , MN .

  The Mark of the Silver Excellence will be sent to you by email. You may use this on Section materials to let others know of this achievement. 

 Total Quality Level 2007-2008
email from Leta Thrasher dated January 14, 2009

Congratulations!  The section has achieved the Total Quality Level of the 2007-2008 Quality Management Process. By achieving the highest level of the QMP, your section has proven its dedication and commitment to serving its members and you should feel proud of your accomplishments. You and your fellow member leaders are making an invaluable contribution to the Society through your service to your members and to your community. You have all helped make ASQ what it is today. 

  In recognition of your efforts, your section is receiving the following materials:

Four 2007-08 Total Quality lapel pins (mailed separate)
-          2007-08 Total Quality Mark of Achievement, which you can use on your web site, newsletters, flyers, etc… (sent to you via email)
2007-08 TQ News Release, customize it with your section info and send to publications or use in section newsletter (sent via email)
Recognition in the Friday Fast Facts, posted to the Community Leader of Practice page on (member leader area).  

In addition to this, I hope to see you or someone from your section this spring in Minneapolis , MN where your section will be honored at ASQs World Conference on Quality and Improvement. Member Leaders and members from your section will be recognized by section name, badge ribbons and a representative from your section will be presented with the 2007-08 Total Quality Award by ASQs president, the Section Affairs Council chair, and your Regional Director. I encourage you to start thinking now about which member(s) of your section leadership team might be able to attend to accept the award for your section.  We encourage sections to underwrite the travel and registration expenses for at least one member leader to attend the World Conference.   In addition, when the section representative attends section leadership training offered at the conference, ASQ will reimburse the section up to $200. Make the most of it!  

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of ASQ, especially the QMP and the Community Development work group, I would like to thank you and the other member leaders for your service to the Society and your exemplary leadership. Again, congratulations!

QMP Did you know that the Section is governed by a Plan?  The Section's Executive Board for the Section sets up a governing plan every year.  It is known as the Quality Management Process (QMP).  Since 2001, our Section has achieved  the Total Quality Level, ASQ's highest level of Section recognition.  

Click on the QMP link to see our current plan.




NIST's E-Handbook of Statistical Methods is available FREE on line at  The handbook provides modern statistical techniques and updated case studies.  The E-Handbook CD-ROM is available FREE by sending and email to  Include your mailing address.   

SOA (Section Operating Agreement) of ASQ Section 0904  

Recommended Speakers List:  Over the years, our Section has had the good fortune to have many good speakers at our monthly membership meetings.  We want to share our good fortune with other sections in the area.  The linked web page lists those speakers who are open to speaking at other ASQ section meetings.

Unemployed Member Dues - posted 3/25/2009

Unemployed ASQ members receive a discount on their membership dues based on consecutive years of membership.

Consecutive Years of Membership Dues Discount
1-4 50%
5 or more 100%

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be a Regular, Senior, or Fellow member.
  • Any years as a Forum, Associate, or enrolled student do not qualify.
  • You may submit this application only after being unemployed for at least 90 days.
  • You must be actively seeking employment.
  • Retired or self-employed members are not eligible. ASQ offers a similar benefit for retired members.


  • Your basic membership dues for the current membership year will be paid or partially paid by ASQ. 
    Basic membership dues exclude additional Forums and Divisions, journals, and additional Sections
     (Seniors and Fellows-you keep your extra benefit of choice).
  • You may participate in the program for no more than two years in your membership lifetime. You must complete an application for the second year of participation.
  • After renewing your membership, please visit Careers in Quality to search for jobs, apply for positions online, and post your resume for employers to view.

Download the Unemployement Program Application (PDF format, 58 KB)

Companies in the News:


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