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May 2013 Membership Meeting
ASQ Section 0904 - East Central Indiana

***Note New Location***

Wednesday, May 15, 2013
to be held at

At the Muncie Airport


6:00 PM  "The New Quality Gurus"
by Steve Zylka

Dinner 6:30 PM Order off the menu

Door Prize Drawing
Section Business
Award 2013 Scholarship
Introduction of Speaker



6:30 PM
by Jim Miller
Roche,  Indianapolis


About the Preclinic:  

Last year, Steve Zylka presented a review of the Quality Gurus - the men who shaped Quality as we know it.  
This year Steve has researched the New Gurus.  Who is shaping Quality now and how?

About the Program: 

Be A Leader

Teaching a MBA level Quality Management course it struck me that while the course material covers a lot of skills not much of the “ Manager” was talked about.

Reflecting on my own MBA course work that seemed to be a general theme as well. Even at West Point while we had a ”Psychology of Leadership” course it only really ran through the evolution of the various mainstream leadership theory’s: Theory X, theory Y, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, personal power sources, etc. What I never had was a discussion of what works and what is important to be a leader and manager. Drawing on 30+ years of experience looking for what works I have boiled it all down to “ Millers 80,10,10 rule of leadership, plus a smattering of really important manager skills that I’m going to present.

About our Speaker:

James Eric Miller


Graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. MBA from Ball State University, Currently, a US National expert for FDA requirements on Quality Data and Trending; and a Senior Quality Analyst with Roche. Adjunct Professor at Ball State University, teaching Quality Management and Operations Management. Formerly Support Engineering Manager leading groups of engineers and technicians in Consumer Electronics. Relentlessly pursuing cost, product and process improvements to make my organization a success.

Post-Meeting Follow-up:  


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