American Society for Quality
 Section 0904 - East Central Indiana
PO Box 3147  Muncie, IN 47307-1147

The source of Quality Professionalism in East Central Indiana

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Newsletter / Web Page

The Quality Times

Our section newsletter, The Quality Times, is published twice times a year; September and January. 
The newsletter is our primary link with our members and is mailed in advance of each monthly meeting.

Content of the newsletter is:

Details about the Monthly Meeting
     Date, Time and Location
     Program Agenda
     Pre-Clinic Topic
     Speaker's Topic
     Speaker's Bio
List of Section Officers with phone numbers and email
Section Calendar
Directions to the Meeting
Chairperson's Corner
Welcome of New Members
Summary of the previous month's meeting

The current circulation is approximately 250.  The mail list includes:

All current paid members
All current un-paid members
All ASQ Region 9 Officials
All Region 9 Section Chairs and Newsletter Editors
All Section 0904 Past Chairs
ASQ members from other Sections that live or work in our geographic area
Newsletter Advertisers
Others that we consider part of the ECI Quality network

Our newsletter is printed by Hiatt Printing in Muncie, IN.

Ad space in our newsletter is available to companies wishing to publicize there quality related services or to show support for ASQ's efforts in East Central Indiana. We also provide a link to advertisers' web sites on our web site.

Newsletter Ad / Sponsor Rates: 

Approximate Size per Year
Half Page 7.5" x 5.0" $ 210
Third Page 7.5" x 3.5" $ 145
Quarter Page 3.75" x 5.0" $ 110
Eighth Page 3.75" x 2.5" $   60

Links to past issues:

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Our Web Site is rapidly growing in importance as a link to our members and the outside world.  While the newsletter provides new information to our members every month, our web site can provide more information, in more detail, and in a more timely fashion, than is possible with a newsletter.

Major features of the web site are:

Home Page - with links to the upcoming meeting, the calendar and other pages
Calendar - Lists all Section Activities in the year with links to pages for each month.
Certification - How to obtain ASQ Certification and link to relevant ASQ society pages.
Connections - Quality News about happenings and opportunities in ECI 
Education - List courses offered by this and other close-by sections.
Membership - Why and How to join ASQ.  Who to contact.  
Officers -  Who are the key people in our Section with photos, phone numbers and email.
Placement - Help when you are looking for a job or have a position to fill.
Re-Certification - How to maintain your ASQ Certification.
Section History - What we have done in the past.
Web Links - Links to other ASQ Sections, Newsletter Advertisers, and other Quality resources.

Our web page is hosted by IST Training in Anderson, IN.

Contact our Newsletter / Web Page Editor: